This is the listing of a Ford Edge cluster repair, that you will need to mailed your unit to us. You probably get to this page because you own a 2011 to 2019 Ford Mustang and having one or more gauges sticking, inoperable or giving incorrect readings. The dash cluster rebuild of your existing Ford Edge from all variation will always be less expensive choice because there is no programming needed. This years and model is set to became a classic like a few of is predecessor and many owners won’t consider to drive or keep their car with one or mores erratic gauges.  

2014 Ford Edge LCD screen not working

We provide fast and secure repair service with the replacement of all stepper motors with high quality replacement OEM.
If you have erratic gauges this service is for you it does cover all Ford Mustang variation. If you facing any other problem then the one list by this service repair. Please contact us prior of purchasing this service request.

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This is a Repair and Return service of your existing Ford Edge Gauge cluster (2011-2019). This services requires that you send us your cluster for repair. Fast & Easy 4 to 7 days turnaround. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!

Common Failures:

  • Background lights out
  • Blank LCD Display or pixelated
  • Gauges sticking, not working or reading incorrectly.

Send us your faulty dash cluster and we will repair these issues for you.  We only use high quality gauges that come with a one year warranty.  We also offer LED upgrades as well.

We offer this service on 2011-2019 Ford Edge Gauge Cluster.

Be aware that previous attempt of repair could conduct to additional fee if there is damages to the PCB board, rest assure that normally those extra fees don’t usually exceed $100.

Contact us before order for any specific customization on your Ford Edge instrument cluster

If this is the case, send us your faulty instrument cluster and we will repair these issues for you with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!


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