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Lifetime Warranty

All repairs offered by PixelTek are backed by our lifetime warranty against all parts and workmanship. If we weren’t highly skilled, certified technicians using high-quality parts we couldn’t offer a lifetime guarantee on our repairs.

Device Safety Guarantee

Are you someone that is picky around details? At PixelTek we share the same values, all employees who work on your device will do it as it was their own and will take any extra step to handle it with care not to mention that all cluster repair will be polished with the best products before being hand to our customers. Our processes are built around keeping Our customers satisfied.

Minimal Downtime

Having dead pixel on the instrument cluster is a really bad looking device in a well maintain car has most of our customers are, we get it. No need to panic. We do repairs on site, ASAP, often the same day.

Trained & Certified

Although we are an independently owned repair shop, and not affiliated with anyone we still get our technicians the best training.

Guaranteed Parts

All parts LCD screen or LCD ribbon use to repair cluster are fully tested in our facility numerous times before being installed by a technician. We stand behind the parts we get, and that’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on it all.

All Brands, All Models

We fix everything from Chevrolet, BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, VW and more. Our trained and certified techs are always taking apart and putting back together with the latest technology. We can repair most popular models, no matter where your purchased your car.

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At Pixeltek we are there to help with your gauge cluster repair.

Either that you are restoring a vehicle, preparing for a concours or tired of getting speeding ticket.

Our Expertise

Instrument Cluster Repair

Repair the non-repairable

As much as we keep our price lower to help our customers happy we highly recommend getting those steppers installed professionally. We repair instrument clusters at our shop every day. It is very easy to rip a pad off of the board with the incorrect temperature on your soldering iron.

Others Instrument Cluster repair

We repair all kinds of speedometers, odometers and gauges. Our instrument cluster repair shop will gladly be happy to assist you.

Mileage correction

We provide mileage correction and data recovery on all type of speedometers. Please contact us for more info on our odometer repair service.

Instrument cluster LCD fail with dead pixel

The LCD glass has a thin ribbon cable on its right-hand side that powers the display, the bonding on this ribbon cable comes loose after time with the different weather and doesn’t make a proper contact to transmit the signal. People who experience are exposed to this problem will have pixels that are hard to see making it hard to read important information about the car status. They will also experience that the instrument cluster panel work fine in cold weather and the opposite in the warm weather.

Instrument cluster data recovery is offer at PixelTek

For many reasons electronics on the PCB board can fail on the speedometer and many time it end up been unrepairable. You would have no choice to get a used cluster where if you need to do it correctly you will transfer the mileage and the immobilizer data to the donor board.


What Customer Says?

Customer Questions

Frequent Questions & Answers

Buying an used instrument cluster require some research for compatibility. Many customers come to us after purchasing a higher mileage instrument cluster against they’re actual car. And as a result they end up with a car with a higher mileage on the odometer. It make the task difficult to convince a buyer that the car have a lower mileage that what it could be read on the odometer.
  • The LCD displays of the vehicle fail sporadically.
  • analog indicator / pointer of the vehicle are incorrect, complete or intermittent failure
  • Several or all lights blink
  • Indicator lights glow or light up now and then
  • Total failure of the instrument cluster, sporadically or permanently
  • No communication with the instrument cluster
  • No warning when the tank is empty
  • turn indicator in the instrument cluster is defective, no function of warning light
  • malfunction of speedometer or tachometer
  • Speedometer needle is stuck
  • Odometer display jumps in large increments
  • Trip odometer does not continue
  • The instrument cluster lighting partly fails
  • Lighting fails completely, speedometer almost completely dark
  • Hazard warning lights light up sporadically
We normally have a 1 day workaround and item is ship same or the next business day.
It probably is illegal to operate a car without a working speedometer, but not for the reason most people would think of first. The odometer usually runs off the same sensor/linkage as the speedometer, and federal law, I know forbids disconnecting or resetting the odometer in a vehicle.
You can get it repair at PixelTek instrument cluster repair shop, we also sell parts for diyers.
We offer an industry-leading lifetime parts and labour guarantee on all of our PixelTek repairs.
Yes, the master technicians at PixelTek will assess and evaluate your used instrument cluster for cash on site. It’s a convenient and safe way to make cash or credit for a repair or purchase.
Yes, we provide local repair in the great Montreal area but we also only at a post office away since we provide mail-in repair worldwide. The problem with dim dic or gear selector, or dead or fault gauge and more. It occurs on Silverado, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Sierra, H2, SSR, Avalanche and Other 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Chevrolet GM Vehicles.
Depending on the work need to be done you might need or not need to reprogrammed the instrument cluster, if you are repairing the same cluster you will not need to reprogrammed the cluster at our shop.
Some car have the mileage in the instrument cluster, also it might give you a tamper dot if its not code for the car (mismatch in the VIN), wrong fuel tank calculation to name a few problem that can be trigger by replacing the speedometer.

Replacing an instrument cluster is not illegal.
Not complying with the Disclosure requirements and/or tampering with an odometer or the odometer function is what is illegal.