Audi TT Dash Repair

This is an Audi TT dash repair, that you will require to mail your unit to our facility to be fix. The Audi TT dash cluster repair will always be the less expensive option to choose since there is no programming required. The Audi TT is becoming an icon of is era and will be soon to be a classic. It still require some attention with the dash cluster on the MK1 models.
The most common issue with this unit is with the LCD display but there are also issues with the fuel and temperature gauges that are prone to fails after almost two decade. We do offer a full rebuilt process made for the Audi TT Mk1 to fix and prevent all is related issues along the road.
If you experiencing problem with your stepper motor, the replacement of this one will not always resolve the issue. Since it is related with faulty components on the instrument cluster.

2002 Audi TT fuel gauge problems

With the minimal available parts please contact us so we can diagnose your situation to know if you require a replacement of the stepper on your Audi TT instrument cluster or would require our full rebuilt process. Get your cluster repair by our speedometer shop locate in Canada.

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Speedometer repair service

This is a Repair and Return service of your existing Audi TT Dash Cluster we provide $100 insurance when we  will return the instrument cluster back to you. This service require that you send us your cluster for repair. Fast & Easy with a 3 to 5 days turn around. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!

Common Failures:

  • Background lights out
  • Middle information display pixelized or blank
  • One or more gauges don’t work or are erratic’s
  • Temperature gauge in the TT cluster indicate the car is overheating.
  • At cold start in cold weather temperature gauge go straight to overheat and start beeping to shutdown the engine.
  • Periodically the whole instrument cluster will fail and all of the gauges will either stop working or freeze at a given speed and revs.
  • The instrument cluster shutdown and reset while beeping

If your Audi TT Mk1 is providing you inaccurate details or the needle seems to have move of position like they have loss their calibration then you will probably need a replacement stepper motor. But if the needle are working intermittently or have stop working, then a full rebuilt will be the best bet for your Audi TT dash cluster.

Send us your Audi TT dash cluster and we will repair all issues for you.  We only use quality parts that come with a 1 year warranty.

We offer this service on 1999-2006 Audi TT gauge cluster

We can also upgrade your LED to any color of your choice just select the LED while checking out. We can convert your Audi TT face gauge to KPH or MPH.

Contact us before order for any specific customization of your Audi A4/S4, A6 and TT instrument cluster

If this is the case, send us your faulty instrument cluster and we will repair these issues for you with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY!


1999-2005 Audi A4
1998-2003 Audi A6
1999-2006 Audi TT

Mailing in your instrument cluster for repair is easy.

Simply purchase an instrument cluster repair service using our online form with return shipping, mail it to us, we repair your instrument cluster and mail it back to for you to install at your convenience.






Mail-in repair

Pixeltek Mail-In Repair is designed for our customers that wish to mail their devices to us for repair. Simply follow the directions below and your device will be on its way to you within hours of being processed and repaired at our location. Most devices are shipped back to our customers the same day, depending on when they arrive.

Sending your instrument cluster in

Please make sure your instrument cluster is safely packed before shipping it out. PixelTek is not responsible for any damages that are incurred during the shipping process.