This is the listing of a Buick Lesabre cluster repair, that you will need to mailed your unit to us. The dash cluster rebuild of your existing Buick Lesabre will always be less expensive because there is no programming needed. Finally this will resolved Buick Lesabre instrument cluster problem with unreadable middle display.

2003 Buick Lesabre instrument cluster dead

Therefor with the minimal available parts please contact us if need to repair your Buick Lesabre instrument cluster programming that could be defective.

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This is a Repair and Return service of your existing Buick Lesabre Cluster. This services requires that you send us your cluster for repair. Fast & Easy 24 hour turnaround. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!

Common Failures:

  • The entire instrument cluster is completely dead
  • Total or intermittent cluster power loss
  • Background lights out
  • Odometer error (need last known mileage)
  • Digital Displays out or dim (Gear selector, or odometer/info)
  • One or more gauges pegged out, sticking or provide inaccurate reading

Send us your faulty cluster and we will repair these issues for you.  We use gauges that come with a one year warranty and replace all bulbs with each complete rebuild.  We also offer LED upgrades as well.

The individual stepper motor repair come with no warranty and no backlight will be replace. Be aware that when one stepper motor fails they will eventually all follow.

We offer this service on Buick Lesabre cluster repair service

We also offer LED upgrades, transmission gauge temperature addition and custom face gauge.
What include in the full rebuilt service?
We will replace all stepper motors, update the power supply and digital display.
All needles will be calibrate and test.

Upgraded faceplate are at $70
Replacement lens are $130

Contact us before order for any specific customization of your Buick Lesabre instrument cluster

If this is the case, send us your faulty instrument cluster and we will repair these issues for you with a YEAR WARRANTY!


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